Artist Statement

"My best feature? She thought for a moment. It would have to be where my body and my soul meet. It's so soft there, like an exhale."--A. Rice

Who I am is...Dominique, artist, Tantrika, healer and teacher in service to the Divine. The Unique Wisdom that I bring is...connecting people to their heart’s desire & truth. Those I care about seeing blessed and transformed are...people who WANT to be transformed and connect to their heart and soul’s sacred desire. Who I am inside of my community is...friend, Tantrika, teacher, healer, artist and Priestess. Where I love and have my being from is...the Divine Source. The source of my strength is...LOVE and gratitude for the Divine. The names and titles I am called are...Goddess, Priestess, Tantrika, intuitive, teacher, artist, medicine woman and Muse. Ultimately, I am...Divine Dominique, an everyday goddess.


2014 © Heartcore Inspiration by Dominique Peters 

Oahu, Hawaii

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