Intentional Creativity is just what it sounds like: being creative with an intention, being able to speak and interact with that which I visualize and then actualize. With every painting I use the Color of Woman Method 13 Step Process as taught by Shiloh Sophia McCloud to not only create a beautiful image, but one that speaks to my very soul and hopefully the hearts of others who gaze upon it. 


I have been an artist my whole life but it wasn't until I became a Cosmic Cowgirl and started to interweave and teach Intentional Creativity that I really felt my paintings come alive, each is a container of sacred space and each has a journey to share.


I am filled with an immense amount of gratitude and love for all of my teachers and guides and of course, for the Divine for supporting me and guiding me on my Soul Path. I'm not only able to see my path, I am able to feel it in my heart, my bones and my sinew.

"Lips form words, yet eyes speak. Bodies touch, yet hearts feel. The mind wanders and the soul understands"

Dominique Peters 

2014 © Heartcore Inspiration by Dominique Peters 

Oahu, Hawaii

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