Heartcore Inspiration© is creating from the very core of the heart.


It is about listening deeply to the Divine messages given to us through our guides, our Inner Wisdom, and our Muses.


It's about finding inspiration through the awareness, blessings and lessons of our past, present and future possibilities, and honoring these through the creative process.


Using Intentional Creativity allows one to enter a meditative state equivalent to that of yogis and monks, expanding consciousness and deepening the connection to the Divine and the human condition.


Creating with the heart and inspiring others to do the same is what Heartcore Inspiration© is all about.





Mother Mary's Love
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Mother Mary's Bliss
Online Gallery: Mary and Muse Collection

This collection was created with Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene in mind.

What is Heartcore Inspiration©?

Contact Dominique at beheartcore@gmail.com to create an appointment by phone or in person.

2014 © Heartcore Inspiration by Dominique Peters 

Oahu, Hawaii

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Mother of the Cosmos 28*32 Acrylic $1600